North States MyPet Petyard Passage 4 Panel Plastic Dog Playpen, Indoor Outdoor, Brown


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  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Type: Dogs

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The MyPet Petyard Passage 4-Panel by North States is an excellent solution for creating a safe and cozy pet pen, both indoors and outdoors. The brown dog pen encloses over 7 square feet – that’s 2.6 feet corner to corner and is 26 inches high. It’s ideal for households training a new puppy, with small dogs, kittens, bunnies, or even baby chicks. The exclusive small door (9.5″ x 8″) swings freely allowing your pet the freedom to come and go as they please. Want to contain your pet, no problem. The small cat door also locks for containment with the Grip-n-Twist latch offering you peace of mind. Setting up the Petyard Passage is easy, the four interlocking panels are pre-connected. Simply pull the panels out of the box, unfold and connect them together. The Petyard Passage folds up easily and comes complete with a carry strap. Weather resistant and portable, the Petyard Passage can be used just about anywhere.


  • FREE STANDING: The pet yard creates a special area for your pet virtually anywhere. 
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Create a free-standing enclosure in seconds. Simply click the plastic panels together.
  • CONVENIENT LOCKING PET DOOR: This enclosure features a small swinging door, ideal to allow pets to enter in and out of the area, but also locks to securely contain your furry friends.
  • SAFE FOR YOUR FLOORS: This indoor/outdoor plastic pet yard includes non-slip pads for use on floors, and is made with easy wipe-clean materials.
  • EASILY PORTABLE: With foldable panels and a convenient carry strap.




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Dog, Cat

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15.16 lb



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United States



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