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Kuzu Fleshier Puppy Dog Food 12Kg

Precision full mamadır for puppy dogs with digestion. 2- 12 month all breed puppies feed in accordance with improved, lamb, rice protein and carbohydrate-rich with content, the symbol of sindirilebilirliğe have, puppy dog mamasıdır.

Puppies immune systems support the development and all nutritional formulated to meet specific needs.

Mother’s Milk is also found in the brain and sight fonsiyonlarının contributed to the development of dha ( docosahexaenoic acid) agent. The kolostrum’dan from natural antibodies through puppies provides excellent support to the development of the immune system.

Mother’s milk after cutting not, puppies immune systems occurring deficit colostrum through turning off the protection afforded by mothers and immune system provide.

Content real kuzu etinin provides high quality proteins the development of antibodies.

Mamanın in natural antibodies, puppy’s kendi puppy’s kendini by working in business association with antibodies against potential health risks from outside for better protection sağlar.

It contains selenium, vitamin e, powerful antioxidants such as vitamin c and beta carotene full and ensures a balanced nutrition, immunity sitemini sağlar the effects of supports and damaging free radicals in the body.

High sindirilebilirliğe have reduced the amount of protein and carbohydrate content through indigestible nutrients.

This means the bottom kısımlarına reaching a small amount of content through the stool and gas in the amount of reduction. Digestive system cells feeding sağlayan glutamine amino acid and other feeders with a healthy digestive system provides support for.

Kuzu from from high quality protein and increased vitamin a, linoleikasit and provides a level of better skin elasticity and moisture with zinc.

Vitamin e, omega 3, omega 6 fatty acids with more shiny and healthy supports the formation of feather.

Optimum level, calcium, phosphorus and supports the development of vitamin d through stronger bones and teeth.

Natural source of glucosamine with strong bones and the formation of healthy joints.
Reducing the build up of teeth and gums plaque and tartar oral health helps protect. Table of Contents kuzu meat, rice, corn gluten meal, whole wheat, chicken flour, oat flour, karışık tokoferollerle preserved cattle oil, soy flour, dried sugar cane, barley, fish meal, dried egg product, soya bean meal, animal offal, glycerin, salt, minerals, vitamins, garlic oil.


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